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Context Courses

Context Courses

* All context courses are 3 credits.

All course profiles will open to GoogleDocs.

JOUR 3005 Mass Media Effects
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Meets social sciences core requierment.

Mass media as tools to change beliefs, attitudes, and behavior. How and when media has successful effects, whether media effects will change as a function of trends in media development. Social science perspective of media effects.

JOUR 3006 Visual Communication
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Visual media, role of images in mass communication. Social, cultural, historical, psychological approaches to visual communication.

JOUR 3007 The Media in American History and Law: Case Studies
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Meets historical perspectives core requirement.

Media in socioeconomic-political technological context of a specific historical period. Focuses on legal context and ethics questions.

JOUR 3201 Principles of Strategic Communication
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Prereq 3004 or concurrent registration, JOUR major or Mass Comm minor or approved BIS/IDIM/ICP major.

Strategic communication theory and methods.  Survey of strategic communication career fields.

JOUR 3551 Economics of New Media
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Meets technology and society theme requirement.

Economic issues related to traditional/new media companies and emerging communications technologies.

JOUR 3552 Internet and Global Society
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Meets global perspectives theme requirement.

Structure/processes of the Internet and global society in a comparative context. The Internet, via the World Wide Web, as an ideal site to explore how/why societies come to see/know the world and its issues the way they do.

JOUR 3614 History of Media Communication
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Meets historical perspectives core and technology and society theme requirements.

Historical perspective on tools of communication, from earliest times to present. Impact of new technologies on society.

JOUR 3615 History of the Documentary
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Meets arts/humanities core requirement.

Invention of photographic media, use as representations that truthfully document reality. Truth-value of factual versus fictive representations. Influence of political/economic contexts on form/content. Convergence of distinct realms of media practice. Role of media maker with respect to subject. Aesthetic dimensions of documentary photography/film. Screenings of landmark films, photographs.

JOUR 3741 Diversity and Mass Communication
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Meets diversity and social justice in the United States theme requirement.

Past/present depictions of people of color in movies, literature, radio/TV, etc., against anthropological, psychological and sociological knowledge/experience. Emphasizes personal/political effects of media depictions.

JOUR 3745 Mass Media and Popular Culture
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Meets arts/humanities core and diversity and social justice in the United States theme requirements.

Mass media’s role in formation of popular culture and cultural discourse. Prevalent media metaphors, caricatures and 21 stereotypes. Social/commercial pressures influencing media representation.

JOUR 3771 Mass Media Ethics: Moral Reasoning and Case Studies
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Meets civic life and ethics theme requirement.

Overview of ethical dilemmas faced by journalists, advertisers, and public relations and communications specialists. Case studies, ethical principles/ theories, professional codes of ethics, standards that have been used by mass media.

JOUR 3775 Administrative Law and Regulation for Strategic Communication
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Provides a basic understanding of mass communication law and regulation as it pertains to professional strategic communicators. Topics will include commercial speech, election/campaign speech, social media, intellectual property, blogging and the regulation of emerging technology.

JOUR 3776 Mass Communication Law
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Brief historical background, First Amendment rights, basic law of defamation, free press and fair trial, access to news, access to the press, privacy, contempt, obscenity, regulation of broadcasting/advertising.

JOUR 3796 Mass Media and Politics
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Analysis of role of mass media in politics. Emphasizes television and electoral campaigns. News coverage vs. news making. Free press in democracy.

JOUR 4251 Psychology of Advertising
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Psychological principles, research techniques and applications in advertising/selling. Consumer attitudes/behavior. Psychological mechanisms upon which effectiveness of advertisements/commercials depends.

JOUR 4272 Interactive Advertising
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Prereq JOUR major or MASS COMM minor or approved IDIM major or ICP major or BIS major.

Interactive advertising models, how they differ from traditional ad models. Issues related to creating, measuring, pricing and targeting interactive ads. Interactive ads in global, legal and ethical contexts.

JOUR 4274W Advertising in Society
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Forms of regulation: self-regulation and governmental. Critique of advertising’s role in society. Current issues (e.g., stereotyping,political advertising, advertising to children). Ethics in advertising.

JOUR 4551 New Media and Culture
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Meets arts/humanities core and technology & society theme requirements.

Impact of “new media” (all forms of Internet communication, wireless media and combinations of “old” and “new” media) on current/future cultures. How new media may change ways we communicate, distribute and process information. Social impact.

JOUR 4721 Mass Media and U.S. Society
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Meet social sciences core requirement and diversity & social justice in the United States theme.

Economic, political, social determinants of character/content of mass communications in America. Effect, structure, functioning of mass media. Problems, prospects, criticism. Professionalism, technology, reform.

JOUR 4801 Global Communication
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Structures, processes and consequences of global mass communication. Problems in free flow of information. Roles of international organizations. Mass communication in social, political and economic development. Implications for conflict resolution.

JOUR 5501 Communication, Public Opinion, and Social Media
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Theories of communication, persuasion, attitude change. Functions of interpersonal/mediated communication in diffusion of information and in opinion formation.

JOUR 5541 Mass Communication and Public Health
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Intersection of mass media, public health and behavior. Role of theory in understanding intended/unintended campaign effect. Role of health journalism. Decisions that inform media-based interventions.

JOUR 5542 Theory-Based Health Message Design
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Best practices for message design across media/contexts. Students apply concepts to design health campaign messages that affect various audiences. Implications of theories of message engagement for current public health practice.

JOUR 5552 Law of Internet Communications
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Whether/how/which traditional media laws/ regulations apply to the Internet. Developing law of communication on Internet, global/ ethical issues.

JOUR 5601W History of Journalism
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Development of American media, from beginnings in Europe to present day. Rise of film/radio/television/Internet. Relation of communications development to political, economic, social trends.

JOUR 5606W Literary Aspects of Journalism
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Literary aspects of journalism as exemplified in, and influenced by, works of American/British writers, past/present. Lectures, discussions, weekly papers, critiques.

JOUR 5725 Management of Media Organizations
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Introduction to concepts/principles of media management. Strategic planning, leadership, organizational strategies, ethical/legal issues. Working in teams. Balance sheets, income statements. Motivating/promoting people.

JOUR 5777 Contemporary Problems in Freedom of Speech and Press
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Prereq JOUR major or MASS COMM minor or approved IDIM major or ICP major or BIS major.

Legal/constitutional derivation of freedom of press/speech. Emphasizes case law, statutes, judicial theories. Leading cases in privacy torts, prior restraints, news gathering/ dissemination. Access to courts/government, including via the Internet. Legal-research techniques.